About Natures Healthbox

Westergate Business Centre

Welcome to Natures Healthbox, a small, family run business based in the seaside resort of  Brighton, England. With a wide range of natural & organic foods, health & beauty products, and the finest assortment of high quality CBD products, Natures Healthbox literally brings you the very best in ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products straight to your doorstep.


The idea of Natures Healthbox began way back in August 2012, when one man had become interested in treating ailments with natural products and herbal remedies rather than always relying on conventional drugs which often had unpleasant side effects. His own eczema symptoms improved with regular doses of natural, non-irritant creams, which reduced the need for pharmaceutical steroids, while a reduction in colds and flu during those cold winter months was noted when taking a simple Echinacea spray. These encouraging results from a basic ‘trial & error’ approach prompted this one man and his wife to start the online business with the help of a few friends. And after a few months of website design and other necessary preparatory work, Natures Healthbox started trading from a small underground office in January 2013 with just a small selection of some of the biggest brands at the time. Having quickly established links with local charities and support groups that dealt with food intolerances and allergies, Natures Healthbox were able to increase this small product range to cater for the needs of vegans, vegetarians and those on specific ‘free-from’ diets.


Near BrightonIt quickly became clear that there was a growing interest in, and need for natural & organic products and increasing numbers of people were wanting to buy online for speed and convenience. With a subsequent rapid increase in orders, Natures Healthbox initial premises quickly became impractical and while it was to be the first home of the business it was time to move on to something bigger & better. With this in mind, and considering the demand locally for natural & organic products here in Brighton alone, Natures Healthbox moved further into the city centre to a larger premises that incorporated office space with a shop below. And while business continued to flourish online, once the shop opened a little later in November 2014 it was promptly noted by Brighton’s media and featured in the city’s largest newspaper, The Argus. The local community received the shop well and in the time that it was open Natures Healthbox acquired a number of regular customers and local business associates (many of whom still purchase from us today). Unfortunately however, while new friendly faces were always welcome with open arms and a warm smile, the volume of extra work and financial outlay the shop created sadly saw it come to an abrupt end, with it closing to the public a year later.


While the shop idea may not have gone quite to plan, the online side continued to flourish and Natures Healthbox relocated once more to the outskirts of Brighton, near both Brighton & Sussex Universities and the American Express Community Stadium. Surrounded by the rolling green hills of the South Downs, this modern and sustainable building has been designed with strong environmental principles to encourage biodiversity. Made with sustainable and demountable materials, such as lime mortar & recycled paper, this building has been the rightful home of Natures Healthbox ever since.


So, as you can see, every small business has a BIG story to tell, and Natures Healthbox is no different. And while we still remain a small family-run business, the expansion and development of Natures Healthbox online presence is at the forefront of what we do. These days the website is mobile and tablet friendly, while our social media interactions across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are at an all time high. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve all this without the continued patience, loyalty and dedication of our ever growing customers, who place both large & small orders from far and wide. So from Natures Healthbox to you, we say thank you!

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