CBD Infused Chocolate

What is CBD Infused Chocolate?

Here at Natures Healthbox you can too can endulge yourself in the positive characteristics of CBD and the powerful, natural benefits of the finest Chocolate thanks to our range of CBD Infused Chocolate (below). This growing selection of new and great tasting products sees raw, premium chocolate infused full spectrum, organic hemp extracts.

Is CBD Infused Chocolate legal?

Yes! Our range of CBD Infused Chocolates do not contain more than 0.02% of THC, thus conforming to strict European legislation. This low percentage has no psychoactive effect (won't get you high) in combination with the CBD content of each chocolate.

How much CBD infused chocolate is equal to the recommended daily amount of CBD drops?

This depends on the overall size of the CBD Infused Chocolate product. However, if we use the 35 gram Lovechock Raw 15mg CBD Infused Chocolate bar as an example, then by dividing the five segments into the bar during the day, with a maximum of one bar per day, should give you a rough idea of your RDA.

How might the consumption of CBD Infused Chocolate benefit my body?

On it's own, chocolate contains an endocannabinoid called anandamide, which is derived from the Sanskrit word “Ananda” for what we know as bliss. This powerful chemical is known for increasing feelings of happiness and overall well-being upon the human Brain.

Endocannabinoids mimic the cannabinoids found in CBD and are thought to actually boost each other’s effects when consumed together as one. With this in mind, eating a CBD Infused Chocolate product may help your Body deal with the effects of Anxiety.

Why are most CBD Infused Chocolate products made with dark chocolate?

When it comes to infusing CBD and chocolate together, high-quality dark chocolate is preferred so that you, the consumer, can really experience the combined benefits of this aforementioned duo. Sugary milk chocolate tends to be super sweet and has less cocoa in it, meaning  it wont be as high in anandamide.

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