What makes a vegan friendly household product?

In the past few years, the vegan movement has been on the rise across the globe and a consumer demand for Vegan Friendly Household Cleaning Products has led to ethical cleaning brands becoming widely available and suitable for every budget. Despite this recent shift towards cruelty free household cleaning products, there is still a staggeringly large number of animal products found commonly in conventional household Detergents and branded cleaning products. Some of these animal-derived ingredients include;

  • Tallow (sourced from beef fat).
  • Beeswax (often listed using it's chemically-derived name).
  • Lecithin (a waxy animal nervous tissue).
  • Oleyl alcohol (sourced from fish).
  • Steric acid & glycerol (sourced from animal fats).
  • Caprylic acid (sourced from milk).

The simple answer to what makes a vegan friendly household product is that it is one that is not tested on animals or contains any animal ingredients. These products tend to be approved by the Vegan Society & Cruelty Free International, making them easier to identify.

What vegan household items can I buy at Natures Healthbox?

Natures Healthbox offer a large range of vegan Household products that set a shining example of how you can deliver a high quality cleaning results without the need of animal testing. Whether you're a vegan or someone who simply loathes the thought of your current home-cleaning products being tested on animals, there’s no need to stick to brands you know, just because you know them. Thankfully, cruelty free brands like Eco MaxEcozone, and Method are all widely available and offer a wide variety of vegan friendly household products. From antibacterial Bathroom & Toilet spray's to wooden floor cleaners, all of the products (below) are presented in fun and refreshing scents like pink Grapefruit, cucumber and spearmint.

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