Vegan Milk Alternatives

Vegan Milk Alternatives

There’s no way around it plant-based milk is on the rise and here to stay. So if you’re looking to replace cow’s milk or new to dairy-free living, our selection of Vegan Milk Alternatives have you covered. From Almond Milk to even milk that's made from rice, you can be sure to find the best vegan milk altenative for you.

What types of dairy-free milks are popular with vegans?

Thankfully, there are lots of popular vegan friendly options of milk alternatives on the market today, which include;

  • Almond milk - one of the most versatile and popular dairy-free milks on the market. Almond milk is a rich source of protein, fibre and Calcium, and can be used in much the same way as regular milk.
  • Soy MilkLike almond milk, soy milk is can be used in nearly any recipe that calls for cow’s milk. As one of the most widely available vegan milk's on the market, soy milk is a popular choice in lattes to provide a creamy texture.
  • Coconut Milka stronger flavoured, dairy-free alternative that is likely to stand out in recipes. Coconut milk is loaded with healthy fats, and perfect in dairy free Desserts.
  • Hemp Milka thinner milk alternative that is yet still surprisingly creamy and full of calcium. Hemp Milk is best suited to savoury recipes over sweet ones.
  • Oat Milk - particularly popular with physically active vegans, oat milk contains five grams of protein per cup and is loaded with fibre too!
  • Hazelnut Milk whilst it may not be the most versatile of vegan friendly milks, Hazelnut milk is often sold in different flavours. It has a strong flavour that works well in Coffee.

Why should I drink dairy free?

As we become more ecologically conscious as country, our overall awareness of the environmentally destructive methods that the dairy industry chooses to use becomes more apparent. In fact, studies from around the world indicate that the consumption of animal milk is very much on the decline, as sales of Dairy Free milk alternatives continue to soar.

Whether switching to dairy-free milk is an environmentally conscious or health-based choice, there are now more than enough products on the current market that offer the same benefits as regular milk, such as the well-known development of strong Bones and teeth.

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